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Regulatory Programs relating to the planting and care of trees in Maryland:
  • Forest Conservation Act
    This law, enacted in 1991, requires specific levels of forest conservation to be maintained during land development. Those involved in land development may need to conduct a detailed forest inventory and prepare a forest conservation plan for the site prior to construction. The inventory will help locate important forest types, wetlands, streams and critical wildlife habitats and provide the information needed to allow development to occur while retaining the best forest areas. The Forest Conservation Plan will locate areas of forest to be retained or replanted. To learn more about this law and the specific procedures and requirements that will have to be followed in your county, contact the Planning and Zoning Department for your town/city/county or the Forester for your area.
  • Reforestation Law
    Established in 1988, requires that any state funded highway construction project that clears one or more acres of forest must replace an equal amount of forest in the county and watershed where the clearing occurred. Contact the Forester for your area or visit the website at http://dnr.md.gov/forests/programapps/newreforest.asp 
  • Roadside Tree Care Law
    Established in 1914, and requires all tree planting, tree removal and tree care conducted in the public right of way of a road to be done under a permit from the Department of Natural Resources, Forest Service. Individuals, community associations, municipalities and utilities desiring to have public trees treated in any manner, must call the county Project Forester to request an application. If the application is approved, a permit is issued to the applicant usually within a seven day period. All work done under the permit must be done by a Licensed Tree Expert. Call the Forester for your county or visit the website at http://dnr.md.gov/forests/programapps/newrtlaw.asp

  • Seed Tree Law
    Provides for the maintenance and reproduction of the pine resources to provide significant recreational, aesthetic, wildlife and environmental benefits as well as wood fiber essential to commerce and industry. Foresters can assist in determining if the forest area involved is impacted by this law and to assist in the preparation of a reforestation plan. Contact: the Project Forester for your county (see Resource Directory) or call 410-260-8508 or visit the website at http://www.dnr.state.md.us/forests/programapps/treelaw.html

  • Tree Expert Law
    A person is not permitted to engage in the work or business of a tree expert in Maryland without a license issued by the Department of Natural Resources. A "tree expert" is defined as a person who holds himself/herself out as being skilled in the science of tree care and, in any way, engages in the business of the treatment and care of trees for compensation by making diagnoses, prescribing and supervising the treatment of trees. For more information on the licensing provisions or to see if a tree expert company is licensed, contact: DNR Forest Service, Tawes State Office Building, Annapolis, MD 21401, 410 260 8531 or the Forester for your area. Visit the website at http://www.dnr.state.md.us/forests/programapps/tel.html

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