Protected Land within GI

The Indicator

Only about 26% of Marylandís green infrastructure is currently protected from development through ownership by public or private conservation organizations or through conservation or agricultural easement. Some of the privately owned green infrastructure land is managed for forestry purposes and thus remains, at least for the time being, in natural resource use. Other green infrastructure lands are at least partially protected from development by various environmental regulatory programs. But much of the approximately two million acres identified as the green infrastructure network is vulnerable to being lost.

This indicator was created by overlaying the protected lands data layer maintained by the Department of Natural Resources on the mapped hubs and corridors of the green infrastructure defined through Marylandís Green Infrastructure Assessment.

Indicator Use

Already protected green infrastructure lands can enter into efforts to target additional protection activities and help to track the overall integrity of the network. The very large percentage of unprotected green infrastructure provided the basis for an intense protection program, GreenPrint, enacted for a three-year period in 2001, which resulted in the protection of an additional 9,600 acres.

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