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[a crossword puzzle]

Instructions: Use the clues to fill in the blanks of the crossword

1. Amount of exits any home should have, in case of fire
3. This play is two in one
4. They clack on cement, but grip on grass
5. Unnatural playing surface
7. You won’t be arrested for doing this on a ballfield
9. Soft drink cans use it, but not Major League bats
11. You can score it, or do it in a race
12. One color of fire
15. This dish isn’t used for eating
18. Smokey needs you to help him _______ fires
23. Protects a batter from getting beaned
24. Dance or a small sphere
25. It burns everyone
27. Glove material
29. Baseball clothes
30. Keep an eye on this if you make one while camping
33. Worn on cold days, and always on the field
34. A bag robber steals this
38. First letters of game-opening tune
39. This stat gives batters “extra credit”
2. Describes both forest animals and an uncontrolled pitch
4. This pitch doesn’t follow a straight line
6. Thirst and fire quencher
8. It flies, or it can hit
10. Where to look to keep track
13. Pitchers corral
14. Smokey carries one
16. Infield (abbr.)
17. Nickname for umpire
19. Baseball devotee
20. Cranium cover for both baseball players and Smokey
21. You may have to dig to get this ball
22. Easy-going throw
24. Full of fans but not always cool
26. Dangerous objects -- should only be handled by adults
28. Without these, the Majors would be batless
31. Usually nine in a game
32. Union action, or batter’s mistake
35. Should be firesafe before a fire is lit in it
36. A stroll between bases
37. They tell you what is going on
40. These kind of numbers should be kept near the phone
41. Famous fire prevention symbol