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[a word find game]
Instructions: Fill in the blanks in these sentences, and then search for those answer words in the puzzle!

1. Baseball rosin is made from the tar of the ____________________________tree.
2. The raised part of the field is called the ____________________________mound.
3. If you find _______________________at home, you should give them to your parents or another adult.
4. The infield is shaped like a ____________________________.
5. Major League bats are made out of __________________________.
6. A fire _______________________should be checked frequently to make sure it is in working order.
7. Dropping a pop fly usually earns a player an ______________________.
8. The player who uses a facemask is the _______________________.
9. When camping, never leave while your campfire is still ______________________.
10. A batter can knock as many as ________________________ runs with one swing.
11. Use a ____________________________ to remove weeds from around your house.
12. A baseball player uses a glove or bat; Smokey works with a _____________________.
13. If you see a ___________________________ burning out of control, leave immediately and tell an adult.
14. ________________________ is the position between second and third.
15. One way to protect yourself from fire is to install ______________________alarm in your home.
16. __________________ and _____________________ are two trees that provide wood for baseball bats.
17. One of Smokey’s arson awareness tips is: “Write down a suspect’s ______________________.”
18. A ______________________ is called when a ball is hit “out of bounds.”
19. “Help_______________________forest fires!” says Smokey.
20. The _____________________ decides if a pitch is a ball or strike.
21. The eagle is one kind of ____________________________, and many other kinds live in the forest.
22. Baseballs are covered with ______________________________.
23. It only takes _________________________ careless person to start a fire -- don’t let it be you.