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According to Title 5, Section 608, Annotated Code of Maryland, any person engaged in a forest products business must have a license issued by the Department of Natural Resources. This includes all sawmills, pulpwood and logging contractors and firewood dealers. Other business types may be licensed with us for example, mulch suppliers, land clearing companies, tree removal companies, and lumber brokers.

The forest products industry is important to the economy of Maryland. It creates jobs, provides valuable products to you in the form of lumber, pulp and paper, firewood, furniture... this list can go on forever. The resource on which we depend comes under greater stress every day. Increasing populations demand new housing, shopping centers and expanded road systems - often at the expense of forest land. These new demands for commercial forest land make more important the need to maintain, manage and harvest these forests properly.

Important Information

To become a Licensed Forest Products Operator, please download the application form, fill in and mail to the address on the front page of the form.

If you will be contracting a logging company, please remember to contact your local Maryland Department of Natural Resources Forest Service office to learn about the various permitting requirements that may be necessary in your area, forestry services provided, and possible tax benefits to properly managing your forest land.

Also, you may want to contract a profession forester to handle the details of selling your timber. Our list of Consultants and Industrial Foresters will assist you with finding licensed foresters working in your area.

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