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2015 Spring Tree-mendous Trees Order Form

Spring Specials

Celebrating a Tree-Mendous planting in Western MarylandProgram Summary

TREE-MENDOUS MARYLAND, a program of the Maryland Forest Service, remains one of our most popular programs aimed at helping citizens restore tree cover on public land and community open space in Maryland. To date, we have assisted more than 3,000 towns and communities, parks, and schools planting trees and shrubs to help clean the water, clean the air, and keep our towns and cities inviting, livable, and environmentally viable places to live.

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Tree-mendous Maryland’s goal is to help Maryland residents have access to affordable trees to plant on their public lands. With permission from land owners, volunteers can plant trees at schools, in state and community parks, local open space, street trees and more. Gather your friends, scout troop or classmates and plant a tree today to clean your air, clean your water and beautify your home town!

How the Tree-Mendous Program Works:

Here is a short guide to getting trees, steps for how to fill out the application, conformation, pick-up, technical support, post-planting, where to get volunteers and more!

  • Step 1: Find a place you would like to plant.
  • Step 2: Get permission from the land owner to plant.
  • Step 3: Develop a planting plan, draw a map where you want the trees to go, consider what species will be planted where. Research where power lines and buildings are in comparison to how tall the trees will get, what kind of soil there is to be sure the tree will survive and don’t forget to call Miss Utility before you dig! It’s the law and you don’t want to find a live wire on planting day! The more you plan the more successful your planting will be and the healthier your trees will be.
  • Step 4: Develop a maintenance plan. Who will take care of the tree after they are planted? Newly planted trees need care, grass mown with care taken with a weed eater around the trunk, mulch to keep moisture in, possibly trunk guards and stakes to keep deer from eating or knocking over the trees and of course water. Trees need water for at least a year (preferably two) after planting to help them get established.
  • Step 5: Pick a date! When will you be planting your trees? Who will be helping? Where will your tools come from? How will your trees get to the planting site? All of these questions are important to answer! If you need have questions or need help please contact Anne Gilbert 410-260-8510,
  • Step 6: Fill out the application! At the top of this page is a link to the current Tree-mendous application. You’ll find the current tree species available (some species availability varies season to season), prices and delivery options.
  • Step 7: Send in the application and payment. You will receive confirmation of the order when they are ready to be picked up!
  • Step 8: Plant your trees. It’s time to put all of your amazing research and planning to work! Be sure to plant your trees correctly, to ensure the highest survival rate possible.
  • Step 9: Water and care for your trees. Take care of them! Water weekly until the first freeze comes; when the ground thaws and frosts are over in the spring continue to water up until your planting date at a minimum. Re-mulch each year as well
  • Step 10: After your planting, your community is eligible to become recognized as a PLANT Community! Click here for the application. Once submitted, you will be awarded further recognition of your wonderful accomplishment!
  • Step 11: Enjoy your trees with friends and neighbors for decades to come!

Planting and Care of Your Trees

Click here to learn more about the Planting & Care of your TREE-MENDOUS Trees.

Be a Volunteer!

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer but don’t know where to start? Click here to get connected with local organizations. Or contact the Tree-Mendous Director,, if you would like to volunteer or need more volunteers. We are looking to grow a network or volunteers and organizations around the state of Maryland – help us get started planting more trees!

“Spotlight” Tree Planting

Tree-Mendous trees are planted all over the State of Maryland. All of the trees are planted on public lands, yet some are more accessible than others. One of the most public plantings of Tree-Mendous trees can be found at the new Elk Neck State Forest Arboretum Walking Trail. Tree-Mendous trees were used to spot plant when the original, larger tree did not survive. While only a few of the trees at the arboretum are from this program, Tree-Mendous is excited to have been a part of the first state managed arboretum.

Click here to learn more about the arboretum, including driving directions. Don’t forget to print out the brochure found at the bottom of the page before you go!

Gift of Trees

Seasons Greetings

2014 Winter Treemendous Newsletter image - links to the newsletter

I hope all of you are enjoying the Holiday Season! As we enjoy delicious treats around warm fires with friends and family in the coming days, I hope you will all take the time to enjoy the first ever Tree-Mendous Newsletter!!

I am very excited to start regular newsletters. I hope to share more about the Tree-Mendous program and what to expect in the future. I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday Season!

** Click here for The PLANT Award Application (as described in the newsletter).**

Happy Planting,

Anne Gilbert
Tree-Mendous Maryland

For more information, contact:

  • Anne Gilbert
    Tree-Mendous Maryland Director
    Tawes State Office Building E-1
    580 Taylor Avenue
    Annapolis, MD 21401