Mid-Atlantic Interstate Forest Fire Protection Compact (MAIFFPC)

Decal for the organization The Mid-Atlantic Interstate Forest Fire Protection Compact (MAIFFPC) was authorized by Public Law 790 of the 84th Congress and was subsequently authorized by the state legislative bodies of Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio. The purpose of the MAIFFPC is to promote effective prevention and control of wildfires in the Mid-Atlantic region by developing and integrating forest fire plans, developing and maintaining effective wildfire suppression programs in each of the member states, providing mutual aid for fire suppression and training efforts, acting as a liaison between various fire control agencies and by facilitating the mobilization of fire fighting resources during periods of national emergencies. Member states of the MAIFFPC are responsible for protecting over 35,000,000 acres of woodlands.

The MAIFFPC Executive Committee conducts a general business meeting annually, usually in December. The Executive Committee consists of the State Forester or a designee (usually the State Fire Supervisor) from each of the member states. MAIFFPC membership also has representation from the U.S. Forest Service. This business meeting includes an overview of Compact activities, member state activities and accomplishments, Treasurer's report and budget planning, and other pertinent issues. The Executive Committee meets again in February to draft further budget strategies and plan the training agenda for the upcoming year. Finally, the MAIFFPC holds an annual training session in September of each year. These sessions are designed to meet the training needs of member states, and are usually very inexpensive in order to facilitate greater participation.

The Northeastern Area Association of State Foresters (NAASF) has authorized the MAIFFPC to receive $50,000 in FY97 Rural Fire Protection and Control (RFPC) funds. These funds will be used to provide training for member states and other participants, support MAIFFPC representation to the Eastern Area Coordination Group (EACG), support MAIFFPC representation to the Eastern Type 1 team, support Prevention Committee projects, facilitate communication and interaction with other forest fire compacts, and fund special projects. This source of funding allows the Compact to plan more aggressively, take on larger projects, and provide better service for the common good of each of the member states, the U.S. Forest Service, and the citizens of the Mid-Atlantic region.