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My First Fishing Trip: Safety Tips

Be aware of your surroundings
Before you start to fish, look around to make sure you have enough space and are in a safe location. If you are on a riverbank and it is above the river, you may not be able to see that the bottom of the bank has eroded, and you may be at risk of falling into the water.

Safety and Getting Permission
Fishing from shore isn't dangerous, but safe fishing requires common sense. In addition to following the safety precautions in "Fishing Safely," there are a few other things you need to be aware of.

  1. Wear some type of footwear like a tennis shoe to protect you from glass and sharp objects.
  2. Wear a personal flotation device and use a wading stick or staff to help keep you from falling.
  3. Riverbanks can erode making them unstable. Watch out for these unstable areas and stay away from them.
  4. Watch for rising water levels below dams or during incoming tides. Waters can rise quickly, trapping you away from shore.
  5. Rocks, muddy banks and downed trees can be slick, making it easy to slip.
  6. Rocks and downed trees can also turn when you step on them, making you fall.
  7. When fishing from an area where there are lots of people, be particularly careful when casting. You want to catch fish, not other anglers.
Get Permission
Although many shore fishing locations are for public use, others are not.
  1. Always get permission to fish on private property and pay attention to any special requests or regulations of the landowner.
  2. Make sure all gates are left as you found them (open or closed).
  3. Do not walk through crops or livestock.
  4. Help to keep the place clean and offer to share your catch with the landowner.

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