Carp Anglers Group 4th Annual D.C. Fish-In

Preparing to sling ground bait

CAG member BobBernowski, of Buckeye Lake, OH, prepares to sling some groundbait.

Preparing to toss chum.

CAG member BobBernowski, of Buckeye Lake, OH, prepares to toss some chum using a scoop.
Bob is using the pole off of his triangle net and a scoop that screws onto the end.

Chumming device.Chumming device.

CAG member Nigil Griffin, of Milford, CT, is holding chumming devices that attach to his rod.
He can fill them with chum and when the device hits the water, the end cap will open
and the contents are released. These chumming devices are very precise (or at least as
precise as the anglers cast).
Homemade versions can be made.

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