Shellfish Import Permit FAQ's

Q. Does Oyster Seed, Larvae, Clam and Oyster shell imported from Out of State need an import permit from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources?
A: Yes, larvae, oyster spat on shell, oyster seed, oyster shell, live hard shell clams and soft shell clams and clam shell all require a shellfish import permit from the Maryland Department of Natural Resources prior to the applicant importing into Maryland. The purpose of the import permit is to protect against the introduction of shellfish pathogens and invasive species. Imported shellfish may be inspected by either the Maryland Natural Resource Police or Maryland biologist at either the export or import site. Inspection may include verification of the imported species, inspections of parasites, disease pathogen organism and invasive species. A shellfish import application can be obtained from our website or by contacting Rebecca Thur at 410-260-8252.

Here is the Regulation from Maryland Comar:

.01 Importation of Shellfish.

A. Definition. In this regulation, the term "shellfish" includes live oysters, seed oysters, oyster shells, live hard-shell clams, live soft-shell clams, and clam shells.

B. Permit Required. A person may not import or possess within the State shellfish taken from waters outside the waters of the State for planting in the waters of the State, unless he first obtains a permit from the Department. The Department shall issue a permit if presented with satisfactory proof to the Department that the shellfish will not be harmful to Maryland shellfish.

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