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ASMFC Presents Dr. Alexei Sharov and Jim Gartland Annual Awards of Excellence | Maryland DNR Fisheries Service News

ASMFC Presents Dr. Alexei Sharov and Jim Gartland Annual Awards of Excellence

10/31/2013  |   Posted by toconnell

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St. Simons Island, GA - The Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission presented Dr. Alexi Sharov and Jim Gartland with Annual Awards of Excellence for their outstanding contributions to the field of fisheries science. Both recipients demonstrate exemplary leadership and expertise as they work to support programs that promote healthy, self-sustaining fisheries populations.

"Every year a great many people contribute to the success of fisheries management along the Atlantic coast. The Commission's Annual Awards of Excellence recognize outstanding efforts by professionals who have made a difference in the way we manage and conserve our fisheries," said ASMFC Executive Director, Robert E. Beal. "Today, we honor two outstanding individuals for their contributions to the management and conservation of Atlantic coast fisheries."

For over 15 years, Alexei Sharov has helped to advance the field of fisheries science through his work on state, regional, and coastwide fisheries stock assessments and research survey designs. As lead investigator, Dr. Sharov worked vigorously to further the body of scientific knowledge on Atlantic menhaden on the 2006-2009 project to examine the utility of LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) to estimate menhaden abundance in the Chesapeake Bay. He also made significant contributions to coastwide benchmark stock assessments for Atlantic striped bass and Atlantic menhaden. Regionally, Dr. Sharov has been an active participant on the New England Fishery Management Council's Scientific and Statistical Committee for over five years. He has also played an important role in blue crab management since 1990, lending his expertise on blue crab stock assessments and leading in the design of the bay-wide winter dredge survey which is now the principle tool for blue crab management throughout the Chesapeake.

Jim Gartland has devoted his career to improving the quality and quantity of data that forms the basis of fisheries management decisions. Since 2001, he has served as Program Manager for the Virginia Institute of Marine Science's Multispecies Fisheries Research Program. The core of that Program includes two large-scale fisheries-independent trawl surveys, CHESMMAP and NEAMAP, and an accompanying laboratory program, with Mr. Gartland overseeing all aspects of both surveys and the post-cruise laboratory processing of samples. To illustrate the scope of work that Mr. Gartland oversees, in 2009, approximately 700 trawl tows were conducted in Chesapeake Bay and along the Atlantic coast; approximately 10,000 pairs of otoliths were collected (the majority of which have been processed); and the contents of roughly 9,500 fish stomachs were analyzed. Further, he led CHESMMAP's collection of tissue samples from Atlantic striped bass has helped to monitor the prevalence of mycobacteriosis. This effort resulted in a published manuscript documenting mycobacteriosis-associated mortality in striped bass the first documented case of mortality caused by a chronic disease in a wild finfish population.

Dr. Sharov and Mr. Gartland are both remarkable scientists whose energy, enthusiasm, and commitment to excellence are an inspiration to their fellow scientists and fishery managers that depend on the outcomes of their efforts.