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2013 Proposed Fee Bills | Maryland DNR Fisheries Service News

2013 Proposed Fee Bills

2/19/2013  |   Posted by swidman

Tags: Commercial, Recreational  

The Fisheries Service wants to make anglers aware of two bills proposed in the 2013 Legislative Session which, if approved, will affect 2014 fishing license fees. Senate Bill 525 affects both commercial and recreational fees and Senate Bill 662 only affects commercial fees, including fishing guides.

The legislation was not submitted by the Department of Natural Resources. Both bills were recommended by the Chesapeake Bay Commercial Fishermen’s Association and the sponsors of the bills are listed below. The Department is reaching out to assure you are aware of the bills and we encourage you to contact the sponsors and organizations that recommended these bills to share your support or concerns.

  • SB 525/ HB 1253 - Fishing - Sustainable Fisheries Enforcement Fund
    Senators Colburn and Dyson, Delegate Jacobs

    (Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs, 1st Reader: Hearing 2/26/2013, 1pm) Establishing the Sustainable Fisheries Enforcement Fund as a special enforcement fund; applying a $10 surcharge to commercial fishing licenses and recreational fishing licenses (except seniors and complimentary); requiring that the surcharge supplements current revenue and can only be used for enforcement activities of the Natural Resources Police.
  • SB 662/HB 1241 - Natural Resources - Commercial Fishing - Licensing
    Senators Mathias and Colburn, Delegate Jacobs

    (Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs, 1st Reader: Hearing 2/26/2013, 1pm) Raises certain authorized annual fees and surcharges for specified commercial fishing licenses (includes fishing guides), authorizations, and permits; establishes an annual harvester's registration for all commercial fishermen (except charter only captains) for a fee of $215; requiring anyone that purchases Maryland seafood for resale to be licensed as a dealer or to have purchased from a dealer; and repealing provisions of law that authorize the Department to establish and issue a commercial fishing apprenticeship permit.

  • For more detailed information on these and all proposed bills that affect fisheries in the 2013 session, go to: