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Commercial Female Crab Harvest Season Extended 6 days Due to Storm | Maryland DNR Fisheries Service News

Commercial Female Crab Harvest Season Extended 6 days Due to Storm

11/1/2012  |   Posted by lfegley

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Maryland DNR will Extend Commercial Female Crab Harvest Season 6 days to Compensate for Lost Days Caused by Hurricane Sandy

Due to the impacts of Hurricane Sandy, the Department will be extending the commercial crab season for female harvest through November 17, 2012. These six additional days of harvest opportunity are a direct replacement for six days of lost harvest opportunity because of the storm and will not result in any additional harvest over what would have occurred absent the hurricane.

Watermen began removing gear from Chesapeake Bay on Friday October 26 in preparation for Hurricane Sandy. Assuming watermen re-set pots on Thursday November 1st, they will harvest on Friday November 2nd thereby losing 6 days of harvest opportunity.

The 6 days of lost opportunity occurred during the time period when catch rates for female crabs are at the highest because of the timing of the Southward migration of female crabs. Beginning in early November, female catch rates slow considerably. As with all crabbing days in Maryland, daily catch limits will apply during these 6 days.