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  1. David Brown, Student Technican
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Posted on July 27, 2011 | Permalink

Student Entry - week of July 25

Type: Chesapeake
Location: Chesapeake Bay

On Monday, I got the opportunity to go patrolling with the Natural Resources Police or commonly referred to as the NRP. I went out with Officer Hunt and Corporal Martin out of Sandy Point State Park and we patrolled their area which was Anne Arundel County, usually points north of the Bay Bridge. We hit the water at about 6:30 in the morning and right away we were getting started. The first boat we stopped was just a small recreational fishing boat. We stopped them to check their catch and their registration and to see if they had the necessary supplies on the boat like enough lifejackets for every person, and flares, and a fire extinguisher. This particular boat didnít have a fire extinguisher so we had to give him a warning. The next couple boats we stopped were watermen. We pulled up next to the boat and Corporal Martin and I boarded the boat to look around to make sure they had everything and to check their catch to make sure nothing was under the minimum size limit. Everything checked out good and they had all that was required. The watermen were all really nice and cooperated with us pretty well. We stopped a couple more watermen and then we responded to a report of a capsized boat floating around the mouth of the Severn River. The 17 foot boat actually capsized the day before on the other side of the bay by Kent Island and it floated across the bay overnight. The officers went to the scene and found the boat and then tied it to a channel marker so the boat would be out of the way of other boaters. They then contacted the owner of the boat, told him the location of the boat, and then told him that he needs to get the boat out of the water as soon as possible. Following our trip to the Severn, we boarded a charter boat and checked their catch. They had some perch and one Rockfish so we had to measure the Rockfish and it was of legal size. After that, my day was basically over. They docked the boat and got everything ready for the next team to go out. I had a real good time going out with the NRP. I learned a lot of boating laws that I didnít know existed and the trip really got me interested in the Natural Resource Police.

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