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  1. Nick Hodge, Recreational Angler
  2. Parkville, MD
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Posted on June 11, 2014 | Permalink

Sharks in the Surf

Type: Ocean
Region: Eastern
Location: Ocean City Surf

John Hodge and his son Nick caught and released several (Dusky?) sharks in the Ocean City surf on Sunday, June 8th. Three sharks were brought to shore averaging around 3 feet, one broke the line right at the edge of the surf estimated at four-and-a-half to five feet. All were caught in the breakers using fish finder rigs baited with fresh cut bunker. Two were caught on the outgoing tide around 8 am, and two were caught on the outgoing tide around 8 pm. The father/son pair also caught several rays one to two feet in span, and lost some bigger ones in the waves.

DNR Response: Thanks for your post about the sharks you caught. It is hard to tell from the pictures you sent if they are Dusky Sharks or Sandbar Sharks, which are very similar species. There are subtle differences in the shape of the first dorsal fin and where the dorsal fin is attached in relation to the pectoral fins. Both species are prohibited. Many species of sharks are prohibited, so we like to say, "If you don't know, let it go." Glad that you did that here! Also, here is a good resource for shark identification.

We also wanted to remind any shark anglers out there, that if you do catch sharks and keep them, you are required to report them to us through our catch card monitoring program, even if you're fishing from shore. Anglers are responsible for completing a catch card, and the angler is required to place a tag around the tail of the fish before removing it from the vessel, or before removing a shark from the point of landing if fishing from shore. You can get catch cards and tags from these reporting stations.

Looks like you had a good, long day of fishing!

Tags: Shark, Ray