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Posted on October 7, 2013 | Permalink

Havre de Grace Mix

Type: Tidal
Region: Northern
Location: Havre de Grace

My friend and I went out and did some fishing in Havre de Grace last weekend and he caught a nice 9 lb channel cat then the guy who was fishing next to us caught a what I think is an Atlantic Needlefish. I was wonder is it in fact an Atlantic Needlefish and do they usually come this far up river? Also I did some more fishing with another friend at Havre de Grace and he caught a fish I've never seen before can you tell me what it is?

DNR Response: That is in fact an Atlantic Needlefish. They can tolerate a wide range of low salinities. The other fish you caught was a Golden Shiner, they are a common freshwater/ tidal river species and an important forage fish for species such as Largemouth Bass.

Tags: Channel Catifhs, Atlantic Needlefish, Golden Shiner