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Posted on September 27, 2013 | Permalink

Big Hybrid Sunfish

Type: Freshwater
Location: Private Pond

We have been fortunate this year to fish a few private waters that have trophy class panfish, to include Pumpkinseeds to 9.5 inches, Bluegills over 10 inches and some sensational hybrid sunfish that are over two pounds. My son Matt and Granddaughter Elena have had a great panfishing year...these fish are on the drop shot rig with worms. Matt's giant is a Bluegill dominant/ female hybrid at 12.5 inches long. We have caught and released 5 Bluegill/green sunfish hybrids this year in excess of 12 inches.

Are there any public venues in Maryland where hybrid sunfish are stocked or have a viable fishery for them?

DNR Response: We stock a limited number of Green X Bluegill hybrid sunfish in small impoundments throughout the state each year for youth fishing events. Due to their aggressive feeding behavior and willingness to bite, they make an excellent fish for a young anglerís introduction to fishing. Managing any public impoundment specifically for large sunfish in a heavily populated state like Maryland is not likely to succeed because most fishermen love to keep and eat big sunfish.

Tags: Bluegill Hybrid, Pumpkinseed