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Posted on July 25, 2013 | Permalink

Where Should I Fish for Snakehead?

Type: Tidal
Region: Southern
Location: Potomac

I'm actually trying to catch some snakeheads. I've been reading about the invasive species and how we need to start targeting them to eradicate. I want to get some of my fishing buddies interested in them since they sound like they give a good fight. I live in Annapolis. What's the closest place I could go to try and catch me some?

DNR Response: We definitely are encouraging anglers to harvest snakehead. I don’t think it’ll eradicate them from the Potomac River – but it’ll definitely help control the population growth. I usually mention Bumpy Oak Pond as a place to get some snakehead. It’s a non-tidal pond near Mattawoman Creek. Mattawoman Creek is also a good spot to find some. We’ve been studying the snakehead population in Nanjemoy Creek this year. As a result of that, we have some tagged fish in the river. If you catch a tagged one, report the tag to USFWS and they’ll send you a certificate and cool “Snakehead Control” hat. There’s a phone number on the tag, along with the words, kill the fish. Check out the angler’s log for snakehead entries, too. Anglers are a great resource for information too.

To see how to kill a snakehead, check out our video at

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