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  1. Jimmy Whipple, Recreational Angler
  2. Edgewater, MD
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Posted on July 24, 2013 | Permalink

Fishing the Beach

Type: Ocean
Region: Eastern
Location: Ocean

I spent the last week goofing off at the beach and Earth wouldn't spin properly if I didn't bring a fishing pole. I can't think of a more relaxing place to fish than the beach. And a very awesome place in terms of variety. Bloodworm Fishbites on a top an bottom rig were the weapon of choice. Having swam much, we were familiar with the beach drop off and decided to put bait not too far out, but only past the breakers. Certainly the fish would use the breakers in search of stirred up bottom prey. In this situation I am a strong advocate of Fishbites. The inner netting ensues that the bait stays on where as more delicate baits would not. It can be tough detecting a bite with the bait at distance, on heavier tackle, in strong current, high winds and big waves. The durability of Fishbites gives you the forgiveness of multiple second chances. We caught Spot, Kingfish, Sand Shark, Blowfish and some other types of trash fish. Every time I catch a fish every kid within 8 miles on the beach comes sprinting like I was the ice cream man. Nothing like an impromptu fishing lesson. The unfinished plan B was to cut up the Spot in search of larger prey. However lager prey eluded us. Perhaps as a swimmer and surfer this failure is for the best in keeping a tranquil mind in the water. It later crossed my mind that the "shark" could actually be dogfish. I suppose I'm not the most savvy in distinguishing them. It was dark I didn't plan on reaching in the mouth to find out.

Tags: Spot, Northern Kingfish, Sand Shark, Blowfish