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  1. Ken Baxter, Recreational Angler
  2. Romancoke, MD
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Posted on June 25, 2013 | Permalink

Large Perch Caught, Young Terrapins Found

Type: Tidal
Region: Mid Bay
Location: Eastern Bay

Ken Baxter holding white perch. (Stephanie Baxter took the picture).

April and Kaitlyn McVeigh from Stewartstown, Pennsylvania holding the baby terrapins. The fishing is fantastic on the Eastern Bay, crabbing is a little slow right now but what you catch in the crab traps on the pier are big and fat.

We took these pictures over the weekend. We live in Romacoke on-the-bay in Stevensville, Maryland. Both the Terrapins and horseshoe crabs are laying their eggs on the beach out in front of our house.

The 15” white perch was caught on our pier jigging with a Gitzit 1.5” little tough guy lure. My wife Stephanie has a technique in which she filets the white perch for cooking. No bones and absolutely delicious!

The terrapins are hatching on the beach. My daughter April and my granddaughter Kaitlyn are pictured showing the baby terrapins in their hands before releasing them back on to the beach.

“Maryland” Diamondback Terrapin hatchlings racing on the beach towards Eastern Bay. Also… the jumbo white perch are back!

DNR Response: these “hatchlings” probably did not recently hatch. They either hatched late last summer to early fall and spent their first winter in an adjacent marsh habitat – with little increase in size, or they overwintered in the nest (less common) to emerge this summer. Newly hatched terrapins can be distinguished from year-old examples by the remnant of their yolk sac when newly hatched. They grow very little over their first winter.

Tags: White Perch, Diamondback Terrapin