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Posted on February 28, 2013 | Permalink

Trout Fishing in Germantown

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Germantown Trout Stream

I played hooky from work on 2/25/2013 and decided to make some homemade trout fishing bait. After finishing my homemade bait I decided to go to the trout stream in Germantown and try it out. The stream hasnít been stocked since last year, and I was hoping there were a few trout left over before new stocking starts in a couple of weeks. It took about 6 hours of hard fishing, under downfall, bank ledges, rock structures, bridges ect., but I ended up catching 2 nice rainbows in the same spot under a fallen tree. First one struck the bait as soon as it hit the water! After rebaiting the hook I tried again with no more bites. I kept fishing about 1/2 mile further down stream and only caught creek chubs, so I went back to same hole where I caught the first one and had the same results. As soon as the bait hit the water the trout was all over it. After getting it on land I thought man it doesnít get any better than this!!! But I was wrong. I fished my way back to my truck, and caught more creek chubs. After getting back to the truck I walked to the bridge crossing over the stream and I saw a large fish break the water under the bridge, I thought it might have been a catfish, so I grabbed my pole and homemade bait and decided to give it a try! After about 5 casts the large trout hit my bait, he took off like he had a outboard tied on his butt, it was a great fight just trying to keep him from getting tangled in the brush and logs, but in the end I won!!!

Tags: rainbow trout, creek chub