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Posted on June 09, 2010 | Permalink

We recently stocked an additional 800 adult brown trout

Type: Freshwater
Region: Western
Location: Antietam Creek at Devils Backbone Park in Washington County

We recently stocked an additional 800 adult brown trout in Antietam Creek at Devils Backbone Park in Washington County. The hatchery-reared brown trout will adapt quickly to a diet of aquatic insects and give fly anglers good action during the early summer evenings. A few of the browns will holdover and surprise a lucky angler in the future with an above-average size fish. Browns to several pounds are occasionally caught from the Antietam.

The upper Potomac is in good shape, though thunderstorms have occasionally clouded the water. I have had the best action with smallmouth throwing pumpkinseed tubes/grubs and suspending jerkbaits while fishing the pockets and current breaks in the fast flowing riffle areas. Most bass are running between 9 and 14 inches. Anglers should keep in mind that there will be many small bass this year from the record 2007 yearclass. Catfishing has been outstanding. During daylight hours fish the usual catfish fair (cut bait, chicken livers, commercial stink baits, nightcrawlers) in the deeper pools or near log jambs. At night, catfish move into shallow riffles areas and those areas at the head of a deep pool are particularly good. Although we havenít stocked tiger muskie (a sterile hybrid produced in the hatchery) in the upper Potomac since 2006, there are still a few out there. I was a little surprised to catch this 36 inch tiger in western Maryland last week, most likely a product of the last stocking. The Potomac currently supports a popular fishery for muskellunge supported entirely by natural reproduction.

Tags: Tiger Muskie, Trout Stocking, Brown Trout