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Posted on March 13, 2012 | Permalink

Job Shadowing Experience

Location: Savage River

Yesterday a high school student joined me in the field on a job shadowing requirement for his senior project. He is interested in going to college to study something related to the outdoors, with forestry, wildlife, and fisheries being his areas of interest. The day started with some day-to-day operations before we headed into the field. Once there I walked him through a few of the current brook trout studies happening in the Savage River, including the PIT tag project on Big/Monroe Run as well as the telemetry project on the mainstem Savage River. We went through the basics of telemetry and tracked a few brook trout before heading upstream to actually tag a fish. He seemed to really enjoy the entire experience, especially tagging the fish. Besides, what a way to spend a day away from school!!!

After the work experience, I promised him some time on Deep Creek Lake to try to catch a few walleyes, including his first Deep Creek fish. Sadly, we didn't get to fish long before some steady rain set in, but we did manage to land 6 walleyes before we were chased off the lake. The water temps were 43.5 when we launched, and with the forecasted warm days, walleyes should be spawning heavily within the next week.

Tags: Brook Trout