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Posted on March 13, 2012 | Permalink

11" White Perch

Type: Tidal
Region: Central
Location: Dundee Creek

I fished for 1 hour Sunday afternoon, March 11 and caught this nice 11" white perch in Dundee Creek fishing from shore. Also snagged a carp and managed to land it. I thought it was little early for carp to be up in the river.

Tags: White Perch, Common Carp

Posted on July 24, 2010 | Permalink

Two Flatheads at Conowingo

Type: Freshwater
Region: Northern
Location: Conowingo Dam

The following 2 flatheads were caught on July 24, 2010 at Conowingo dam while live lining white perch. One was 33" and weighed 14lb 10oz and the other was 28 1/2" and weighed 8lb 8oz. Do you know if flathead catfish are eligible for the Diamond challenge or are they eligible for any citation or patch in Maryland?

DNR RESPONSE: Flathead Catfish are NOT eligible for a citation award, therefor not eligible for the Maryland Fishign Challenge featuring Diamond Jim. Please see this page for eligible species and qualifying sizes

Tags: Flathead Catfish, Diamond Jim, Maryland Fishing Challenge, Citation Award

Posted on May 26, 2010 | Permalink

White Perch Below Conowingo Dam

Type: Chesapeake
Region: Northern
Location: Susquehanna River

I caught this nice 11 1/2" white perch below the conowingo dam on Sat. May 22 along with some nice catfish and 2 white shad between 3-4 lbs. each. I seen some signs last year about the flathead catfish. Are we still suppose to dispose of them and not throw them back into the water?

DNR response: There should still be signs up, please do not return any flathead catfish you may catch and do not move them to other waters.Don't spread fish arouind.

Tags: Susquehanna River, White Perch, Invasive Species

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