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To post a report please email your name, hometown, photos, location information, and the content for your report to All information is optional, but encouraged.

Important Note: If anyone in your picture is under 18 years of age, we must have a photo release signed by a parent/guardian before we can post your picture. By sending any photos or art to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources you are giving DNR permission to use the image(s) online and in print. You are also giving DNR permission to distribute the photo for non-commercial purposes to other media, print, digital and television for their use. You are not giving up your copyright, but are allowing the photo(s) to be used for educational and news purposes. All Photos will be made available on Fisheries Service Flickr Page.

There will be a 2014 end-of-year random drawing from angler's participating in any of the Volunteer Angler Surveys. We encourage anglers to continue to report snakehead catches through the Inland Freshwater survey in addition to their Angler's Log submission. The information helps our biologists better understand the various species and water systems they utilize.

Maryland Fishing Challenge Logo showing striped bassA new component of the Maryland Fishing Challenge includes invasive species reports submitted to the Angler's Log. Beginning during the 2013/2014 tournament, Angler's Log entries which include Blue Catfish, Northern Snakehead or Flathead Catfish, at any length in size, will be eligible for up to two prizes via a random drawing at the annual Maryland Fishing Challenge Finale. Fish must be kept and a photo showing the kept fish is mandatory. Multiple entries are allowed, but each fish can only be entered once. Remember, all invasive species must be dead to be entered and there is no catch and release category. Visit the Maryland fishing Challenge web site to read the complete set of rules.

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  1. Matthew, Recreational Angler
  2. Severn, MD
  3. Total Reports: 2
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Posted on July 20, 2015 | Permalink

Fishing at the Bay Bridge

Type: Chesapeake
Region: Mid Bay
Location: Hackett Point

Looking for rockfish and chummed, using cut alewife for bait. Hooked into four big rays, brought two up to the boat. The chum seemed to bring in a lot of big spot and small white perch that we were catching on bloodworms. In the end we caught three undersized rockfish on the cut bait, all in the 18 to 19 inch range.

After the bite slowed around 10:30 we moved to the bridge footings and pitched top/bottom rigs with shrimp and bloodworms. Lots of big spot and medium sided white perch there and one 17 inch rockfish.

Tags: white perch, spot, ray, striped bass

  1. Jason Haney, Recreational Angler
  2. Bel Air, MD
  3. Total Reports: 10
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Posted on July 20, 2015 | Permalink

Great Action on High Tide

Type: Chesapeake
Region: Mid Bay
Location: Near the Choptank

Here's a late report but the action is still the same. On July 4th weekend my son Jason Haney Jr. and I were fishing near the Choptank and had great shallow water action on high tide. Lures of choice were topwater and BKD's The weather was nice and hot but there was a good amount of boat traffic due to the holiday. We caught our limit and enjoyed the rest of the day catch and releasing rockfish 17-30"!

Tags: striped bass

  1. Terry Iman, Recreational Angler
  2. Baltimore, MD
  3. Total Reports: 4
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Posted on July 20, 2015 | Permalink

Wye Mills Carp

Type: Tidal
Region: Eastern
Location: Wye Mills

I caught 2 carp, both about 20". One was caught on corn, but the other unexpectedly took a marabou crappie jig on my ultralight rod with 4lb line -- made a great fight!

Tags: carp

  1. Amelie Hebert, Recreational Angler
  2. Laurel, MD
  3. Total Reports: 1
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Posted on July 16, 2015 | Permalink

Award Size Black Drum

Type: Chesapeake
Region: Mid Bay
Location: Mid Bay

Amelie was out fishing with Michael and Samuel Moore when she caught this 54 " black drum. She checked it in at Harrison's Chesapeake House and is now registered for the Maryalnd Fishing Challenge.

Tags: black drum

  1. Ron Briggs, Recreational Angler
  2. Total Reports: 1
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Posted on July 16, 2015 | Permalink

Rocky Gorge LMB

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Rocky Gorge

Fisherman Tim Mc Dowell caught this nice largemouth at Rocky Gorge last week.

Tags: largemouth bass

  1. Joey Love, Fisheries Biologist
  2. Total Reports: 49
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Posted on July 15, 2015 | Permalink

Tidal Bass Program Stocked 525 Juvenile Largemouth Bass

Type: Tidal
Region: Eastern
Location: Fairlee Creek

MDDNR Tidal Bass Program stocked 525 juvenile Largemouth Bass (4 - 6 inches long) to 9 locations in Fairlee Creek in response to recommendations made at our annual stakeholder meeting. For more information on our stocking policy, contact Joe Love:

Tags: largemouth bass

  1. Raymond Drayer, Recreational Angler
  2. Nanjemoy, MD
  3. Total Reports: 11
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Posted on July 15, 2015 | Permalink

Newtowne Neck State Park Fishing

Type: Tidal
Region: Southern
Location: Newtowne Neck State Park

On Monday, July 14th I went fishing with the family at Newtowne Neck State Park on the Potomac River. We caught 21 Atlantic croakers and 5 white perch. The croaker fishing really picked up in the last hour before sunset. We heard that people have been catching a lot of croakers there in the evening using shrimp for bait, but they seemed to prefer squid this evening.

In addition, Elijah caught a fish that I was unable to identify using a white grub and a spinner baited with earthworm. Do you know what species this fish is?

DNR Response: The fish is called a striped killifish, they most often inhabit sandy areas of the Chesapeake Bay from the mid-bay region to the mouth of the bay. This species can grow to be 6" long and are an important prey item for flounder, striped bass and other predator fish. An interesting aspect of the striped killifish is the male has only vertical stripes while the mature female have some horizontal lines.

Tags: Atlantic Croaker, white perch, striped killifish

  1. J Morton, Recreational Angler
  2. Total Reports: 1
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Posted on July 15, 2015 | Permalink

Exotic Pet Found in Lake

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Buddy Attic Lake

I caught this in Greenbelt, MD at Buddy Attic Lake on 7/10/15, I think it's an Oscar, did not put back, gave to another fishermen, he going to eat it.

DNR Response: Yes, the fish appears to be a tiger oscar which is a member of the cichlid family and comes from South America. Thank you for not putting it back in the water. It seems that someone must of dumped their pet in the lake. Releasing exotic species into the environment is illegal and irresponsible.

Tags: tiger oscar

  1. Joshua Pepin, Youth Angler
  2. New Market, MD
  3. Total Reports: 1
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Posted on July 15, 2015 | Permalink

Nice Bass Caught at Derby

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Piney Run Park

Joshua caught this bass in the recent kids fishing derby at Piney Run Park in Sykesville, MD. While it didn't count for the derby (panfish only) he went home feeling like a winner! 18" largemouth caught on a weightless 3" creature bait.

Tags: largemouth bass

  1. Bruce McGrath, Recreational Angler
  2. Laurel, DE
  3. Total Reports: 1
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Posted on July 15, 2015 | Permalink

It Might Have Been a State Record

Type: Chesapeake
Region: Lower Eastern Shore
Location: West of South Marsh Island

Caught this nice sheepshead on July 12th on a beautiful day while fishing at the American Mariner Navy Target Ship to the west of South Marsh Island. The waves were flat, so the opportunity to take my boat out a little further was too much to resist! I was hoping to catch a nice cobia since I had heard they were being caught recently. After about an hour, I was ready to move on as not even a minnow had touched my bait. Then it struck like a purse-snatcher! It only took about 3 minutes to land this magnificent fish. I nearly knocked my wife Patty overboard trying to net it. It was just over 24" and I estimated it to be close to 15 lbs. I then released it thinking it was a small black drum and not that it may have qualified as a state record sheepshead. On the positive side, it will live to be caught another day!

Tags: sheepshead

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