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To post a report please email your name, hometown, photos, location information, and the content for your report to All information is optional, but encouraged.

Important Note: If anyone in your picture is under 18 years of age, we must have a photo release signed by a parent/guardian before we can post your picture. By sending any photos or art to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources you are giving DNR permission to use the image(s) online and in print. You are also giving DNR permission to distribute the photo for non-commercial purposes to other media, print, digital and television for their use. You are not giving up your copyright, but are allowing the photo(s) to be used for educational and news purposes. All Photos will be made available on Fisheries Service Flickr Page.

There will be a 2013 end-of-year random drawing from angler's participating in any of the Volunteer Angler Surveys. We encourage anglers to continue to report snakehead catches through the Inland Freshwater survey in addition to their Angler's Log submission. The information helps our biologists better understand the various species and water systems they utilize.

Maryland Fishing Challenge Logo showing striped bassA new component of the Maryland Fishing Challenge includes invasive species reports submitted to the Angler's Log. Beginning during the 2013/2014 tournament, Angler's Log entries which include Blue Catfish, Northern Snakehead or Flathead Catfish, at any length in size, will be eligible for up to two prizes via a random drawing at the annual Maryland Fishing Challenge Finale. Fish must be kept and a photo showing the kept fish is mandatory. Multiple entries are allowed, but each fish can only be entered once. Remember, all invasive species must be dead to be entered and there is no catch and release category. Visit the Maryland fishing Challenge web site to read the complete set of rules.

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  1. Chuck Vinson, Recreational Angler
  2. Washington D.C.
  3. Total Reports: 6
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Cats on the Piscataway

Type: Tidal
Region: Southern
Location: Piscataway Creek

My dude Larry caught these big girls on Piscataway Creek using cut bait on 4/2/2014 . The biggest cat weighed in at 19 lbs. and was 33 inches long . He caught four total all in that range .

Tags: Blue Catfish

  1. Phillip Meredith, Recreational Angler
  2. Total Reports: 36
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Salisbury Action

Type: Tidal
Region: Eastern
Location: Pemperton Park

I went bass fishing on Monday the 31st in Salisbury, at my bass honey hole. I caught 3 bass in one hour. My bait of choice was yum dinger 5". I also went fishing on Wednesday the 2nd at Pemberton Park on the river side, and I caught four catfish and a 24 " carp. It was my first real carp it was so fun. He was returned safely as were all the fish and also a 11 inch fat White Perch.

Tags: Largemouth, Bass, Catfish, White Perch, Carp

  1. Zack Mason, Recreational Angler
  2. Capital Heights, MD
  3. Total Reports: 1
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Great Start to Trout Season

Type: Freshwater
Region: Southern
Location: Prince George's County Pond

Who said there aren't big Rainbow Trout in the ponds??? I caught this 24 inch, 7lbs 2oz trout while fishing in PG county.

Tags: Rainbow Trout

  1. Tylor Kirklin, Recreational Angler
  2. Total Reports: 15
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My First Cat of the Year

Type: Tidal
Region: North Central
Location: Harve de Grace

Caught this decent sized catfish along with some smaller ones near Harve de Grace on a night crawler on April 1st. I'm waiting for the White Perch to start biting.

Tags: Channel Catfish

  1. Charles Hirst, Recreational Angler
  2. Catonsville, MD
  3. Total Reports: 2
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Central MD Fishing Report

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Liberty Reservoir and Triadelphia Reservoir

I went out today to see if I could get my first fish of the season. Alas it was not to be. Water was still quite cold on Liberty Lake, especially muddy and filled with silt from all the melt and runoff from the rain on Little Morgan Run, right around the Rt. 32 bridge. Clarity was barely 2 or 3 inches. From the shore along the fire access road threw a variety of lures, baits of various colors from the shore to structure but nothing was interested. I relocated after an hour of no action further north to the Deer Park Rd bridge. Water there was much clearer, visibility a few feet but action still nonexistent for myself and several other anglers who were throwing jigs, crawlers and live lining minnows and baitfish all in and around the bridge structure from both sides of the lake and shore, but no action after 2 hours. So I drove south across I-70 to Triadelphia Reservior which was almost mud brown from all the silt, visibility also only an inch or two as far as the eye could see. Water levels were fairly high, cresting the rock wall lining the launch on Triadelphia Lake Rd. I fished from the pier there, threw both crawlers on the bottom and suspended about 3 feet below bobbers as well as a variety of spoons, spinners and other lures, but no takers. Hoping to try again in a week or two weeks when the water has had a chance to warm up a bit further and clear out.


  1. Joe Haines, Recreational Angler
  2. Total Reports: 2
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Woodsboro Pond Action

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Woodsboro Pond

I fished Woodsboro Pond tonight for a couple hours… Lots of anglers especially kids, and it was great to see them catching fish…!!! Trout turned on as the sun went down… Saw a few nice crappie caught as well…. Tight tight lines…!!!

Tags: Rainbow Trout

  1. Chris Brown, Recreational Angler
  2. Total Reports: 1
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Finally Caught a Rainbow

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Carroll County

I got skunked opening day. Saw at least 10 trout caught all around me Saturday. Finally caught my first ever rainbow on 3/31 in Carroll County after not being able to sleep for 2 days and rain keeping me inside. I fished 3 hours in the only fishable section, stream very high and churned up from the rain. Only bite of the night, finally slept last night. Fish was 12 inches (Looks much bigger through my photo skills)

Tags: Rainbow Trout

  1. Bryce Mason, Recreational Angler
  2. Total Reports: 1
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Great Falls Smallmouth

Type: Tidal
Region: Central
Location: Great Falls

Caught this Smallmout Bass at Great Falls, MD on a white grub and quarter ounce jig head, on a rainy Saturday morning.

Tags: Smallmouth Bass

  1. John Mullican, Fisheries Biologist
  2. Total Reports: 3
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Potomac Walleye Spawn Underway

Type: Freshwater
Region: Western
Location: Upper Potomac

Prior to last weekends heavy rain and snow, Walleye fishing on the upper Potomac River was very good. Spawning is underway and recent catches have included both spent females and those still heavy with eggs. However, as the spawn progresses and more of the females release their eggs, the smaller males will make up a larger percentage of the catch. The majority of our recent action has been on crankbaits and light jigs in relatively shallow water. Unfortunately, the recent rainfall has raised the river to unsafe levels for boating. The Monocacy River crested above flood stage and the Potomac downstream of its confluence will be muddy for quite some time. Always check the river levels before heading out and only experienced boaters with suitable craft should launch when flows are high; If in doubt, dont launch. Also, fishermen should keep in mind that in addition to the yearround 15" minimum size, there is a 20" maximum size in effect on the Potomac through April 15 to protect the large females on the spawning grounds until after they have spawned; all Walleye over 20" must be released during this time.

Tags: Walleye

  1. Andrew Steeves, Recreational Angler
  2. Total Reports: 1
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Nice Start to the Year

Type: Freshwater
Region: Central
Location: Lake Centennial

First catch of the year, wasn't a trophy but I'll take it. This largemouth was caught at Lake Centennial in Columbia, MD on March 23, 2014 using a spinner.

Tags: Largemouth Bass

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