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Chesapeake Bay & Tributaries Fishing Report

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click map to see larger version of Upper Bay Fishing MapUpper Bay Region

Water temperatures have been heating up in the lower Susquehanna River and Flats area and so has the fishing for striped bass. Fishermen had a good weekend of fishing despite dismal weather conditions. Fishermen were plagued with fog, rain and windy conditions throughout most of the weekend but they still caught fish. Many sought refuge in the lower river from the wind on Sunday and did quite well casting Striped Basscrankbaits and soft plastic jigs near Garrett Island. Fishermen also saw a few hickory shad caught below the dam, white perch fishermen found fat perch willing to bite on jigs tipped with bloodworms or grass shrimp in the river and the Northeast and Elk River areas. Fishing conditions should improve this week on all fronts as more fish arrive and warmer water temperatures cause fish to be more active. P.J. Bradley caught and released this striped bass while casting Bass Assassin’s with his dad and brother on Saturday.

A number of fishermen have been trolling the channel edges above the Bay Bridge trying out their planer boards and fishing rod setups and catch and releasing striped bass in the process. The most productive trolling has been along the sharp channel edges; such as the one from Sandy Point Light to Baltimore Light. The best action has been coming off the boards on chartreuse and white parachutes or bucktails dressed with sassy shads; a chartreuse parachute with a white sassy shad has been a favorite lately.

Striped BassShoreline fishermen are now sharing in some of the catch and release action from piers and prominent points in the upper bay such as the Matapeake Fishing Pier and Sandy Point State Park. Fishermen caught and released some nice fish over the weekend and should continue to do so through next month. Fishermen have been casting bottom rigs baited with circle hooks and bloodworms or fresh cut baits. Surf fishing gear is in order and some kind of rubber foot wear so fishermen can meet the fish to be released in the water to help guarantee the fish has the best possible chance of survival. Of course many fishermen want to pose with their prize and as long as fish are supported, pictures are taken quickly and water temperatures remain cold; little harm is done. Mike Rosa holds up a big one caught and released at Sandy Point State Park this past weekend.

Click map to see larger map of the mid-Bay areaMid/Lower Bay Regions

It was another banner weekend for catch and release fishermen who where trolling the channel edges of the shipping channel below the Bay Bridge. Despite foggy conditions that persisted in the morning hours over the weekend there were a lot of boats out trolling the edges of the shipping channel and no one seemed to run into one another although there were some close calls with planer boards andStriped Bass commercial traffic. Frankie Rotundo was fishing with his dad when he caught and released this nice striped bass over the weekend.

Fishermen reported several hot spot areas over the weekend and most of them fall into a predictable pattern that we’ve all seen before. The Bloody Point Light and Thomas Point Light area, the Old Gas Buoy (G83) the channel edge from Breezy Point south to Cedar Point and of Course the Hooper’s Island Light edge as well as Buoys 72 and 72A. Fishermen are reporting that by far most fish are being caught off the planer boards and chartreuse with a chartreuse or white sassy shad seems to be the ticket. Umbrellas are popular but many have been just using tandem rigged parachutes or bucktails. Since this is a strictly catch and release situation most fishermen have deleted the stinger hooks from their rigs and many have learned the value of soft rubber nets when release is anticipated. Tammy Martin certainly looks happy with her fish as MurrayStriped Bass Easter Jr. gets ready to release it back into the bay for her.

The Calvert Cliffs Power Plant discharge is the place to be for light tackle fishermen hoping to jig up a few striped bass for catch and release. The action there will certainly continue this week and fishermen thinking about going there should check the tide tables to make sure there is plenty of tide running when they wish to fish. Fishermen that are bound to terra firma have been enjoying good fishing opportunities from prominent points and fishing piers in the two regions. Those fishermen lucky enough to be able to gain access to Patuxent Naval Air Station have been catching and releasing striped bass from the fishing pier and shoreline. Fishermen at the Point Lookout Fishing Pier and causeway area have been getting into the action as well. Most fishermen are using bloodworms on circle hooks but others are doing well with fresh cut baits of menhaden or herring.

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The link below has some very valuable information for Chesapeake Bay Anglers. DNR's "Eyes on the Bay" website has data coming in from remote sensing stations in the Chesapeake Bay and tributaries. It is well worth checking this out. Click on the map below.

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