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Freshwater Fishing Reports

Western Region:

The big chatter around the Deep Creek Lake area this week is the forming of ice in a number of the more protected coves. Much of the lake is still open water and the cove ice is certainly not safe to walk on. A few fishermen were seen launching boats over the weekend to fish mostly for walleyes and large yellow perch but cold windy conditions have greatly reduced the numbers of fishermen fishing from boats lately. Most are fishing from shore for walleyes that have moved up into shallower waters and shore line edges.

Walleye fishing in the upper Potomac also remains good this week. Fishermen are casting and jigging with various soft plastic jigs and swimming shad type jigs in the deeper slower moving waters.

Central/Southern Region:

It is a tough time of the year for fishermen looking for a little action. Freshwater fishermen are finding some fishing opportunities for yellow perch, channel catfish and chain pickerel in a number of the regions tidal rivers such as the lower Susquehanna and south all along the Chesapeake Bay and up the Potomac.

Fishing for walleyes in the lower Susquehanna continues to be good this week. Fishermen who are willing to slowly work the channel edges in deep water may find some largemouth bass willing to pick up a slowly worked jig or blade lure that is right on the bottom. Reports from the tidal Potomac recently indicated some finicky largemouth bass that were hard to entice to pick up a bait.

Eastern Region:

The freshwater fishing scene is taking a back seat this month for many fishermen who are more interested in hunting or staying warm. It is no secret that it has been unusually cold recently and falling water temperatures have many species of fish such as largemouth bass hunkered down and not actively feeding. In some of the deeper channel areas of the tidal rivers largemouth bass can be enticed to pick up a slow moving bait close to the bottom; but often it has to be right under their nose. Channel catfish and yellow perch are active in a number of the tidal rivers and chain pickerel are perhaps one of the more active freshwater fish this time of the year.

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