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Freshwater Fishing Reports

Western Region:

Fishermen report that cool nights are doing much to cause the water temperatures in Deep Creek Lake to begin to drop. Recent reports from fishermen tell of rather slow fishing action for smallmouth bass, largemouth and walleye. They reported that the smallmouth bass seem to be holding deep outside floating docks and deep grass. A number of fishermen reported that they had limited success drifting minnows and leeches along deep grass edges and points.

Alan Klotz sent us this great report from the North Branch of the Potomac.
The North Branch Potomac River in the Cumberland area can provide some diverse fishing that can sometimes be quite exciting. Last week a group of us fished from Pinto to Cumberland seeking smallmouth bass and hopefully a tiger musky. Smallmouth bass fishing was slow but we did manage to land several chunky smallies. The best part of the day is when Kenny Wampler caught his fish of a lifetime:

Tiger MuskieKenny took the time to write his account of catching a musky.
Last week I was fortunate enough to spend a day floating on the North Branch Potomac River from the Pinto area to the Cumberland Fairgrounds. The bass fishing seemed to be slower than usual, but we did manage to hook into some smallmouth and redbreast sunfish using various crank baits and jigs. Making my way downstream I just happened to look down and catch a glimpse of a large tiger musky swim out from under the front of my ducky. I immediately reeled in and started casting, and on the second cast and a couple of boils, I hooked the fish! After about a ten minute fight, I had landed the 42 inch musky on six pound test. He was released to fight another day. Left to right Tom Waldrop, Kenny Wampler and Marcus Wilson all ham it up for a photo op of Kenny’s musky.

Central/Southern Region:

Fishermen are enjoying the cooler weather this week and are beginning to see largemouth bass and other species begin to break out of their summer pattern of behavior as water temperatures continue to drop. Largemouth BassFishermen are still finding some of the best fishing in the regions reservoirs during the early morning hours but are seeing that good fishing now extending more into later morning hours. The same can be said concerning the evening hours; the action picks up earlier in the evenings now. Fishermen are using a variety of lures; including spinnerbaits, crankbaits and soft plastics when they are looking for fish that are deep. Plastic frogs, buzzbaits and topwater plugs are being used in the shallows. Tony Sarikulaya caught and released this nice largemouth bass in Rocky Gorge early Monday morning.

Fishermen will see full moon tides this week in the tidal rivers and creeks within the two regions. The bottom end of low tide will most likely offer the very best fishing as largemouth bass will have to move outside of grass beds and spatterdock fields.

Eastern Region:

September weather is doing much to kick the freshwater fishing scene on the eastern shore of Maryland into a transition phase; where largemouth bass in particular are breaking from their summer pattern of behavior. The best fishing continues to be in the early morning or evening hours but that time continues to extend as water temperatures drop and the fish become more active. The many small lakes and farm ponds are a wonderful place to fish this time of the year and air temperatures are certainly more conducive to enjoyable fishing. Fishing for bluegills and other species of sunfish can offer some great light tackle opportunities; especially with small topwater offerings such as rubber-legged poppers.

Fishermen looking for largemouth bass this week will see full moon tides in the tidal rivers and the formula for some very good fishing at the bottom of the ebb tide. The extreme low tide should push the bass farther out of the heavy grass beds and spatterdock fields. Casting to the outside edges of these patches on the deep water side should produce some good bass fishing. Fishermen are still casting frogs and buzzbaits over the grass at high tide in the mornings and evenings but small crankbaits, spinnerbaits and soft plastics will be the ticket outside the grass or near sunken wood.

Fishing for channel catfish continues to be good this week as cooler water temperatures cause the catfish to be more active. Most of the tidal rivers in the eastern region contain good populations of channel catfish. The Elk, Chester, Choptank and Nanticoke are just but a few of the good places to give this type of fishing a try.

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