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Freshwater Fishing Reports

Western Region:

Fishermen at Deep Creek Lake continue to report tough fishing for largemouth bass with the best chances of hooking up being in the evening or early morning hours. It seems that the lake is seeing some very extensive grass growth this summer and it has just about reached its peak. Warm summer water temperatures send largemouth bass looking for cool shade during the day and they are apparently finding it under the thick deep grass. Fishermen report that the bass are venturing out to patrol shallower grass at night.

Smallmouth bass are also holding to a summer pattern of holding deep during the day and coming out at night to feed. Fishermen are catching 12” to 15” smallmouth bass along main lake points during the early morning and late evening hours. During the day the smallmouth are retreating to deeper depths or finding shade under floating docks over deep water.

Fishermen have been catching yellow perch by fishing small minnows while drifting over deep grass beds and catching a few walleye near the bridges at night.

Alan Klotz reports that there will be another stocking of those large rainbow trout from the Conservation Funds Freshwater Institute again this week on the North Branch of the Potomac near Barnum. Apparently fishermen have been enjoying the good fortunes that have come our way in the form of these large fish. A few fishermen exclaimed that it looked like opening day of trout season when a similar stocking occurred earlier this month; with all the parked cars and fishermen lining the banks. Alan also wanted fishermen to know that there will be a whitewater release on the Savage River this Sunday, August 31st

Tiger MuskieThe upper Potomac is running clear and somewhat low this week; which is rather typical for this time of the year. Fishermen are finding some good walleye and smallmouth bass fishing in the late evening hours. The fishing for channel catfish has also been good. John Pressel sent in this short report and picture from this past weekend. I caught this Muskie on Sunday 8/24/08 around 3pm on the Potomac River near Antietam Creek. . It was 40" and approximately 25 lbs. He hit a red jig w/green 4" grub. I released him for another day and fight.

Central/Southern Region:

Fishermen in the lower Susquehanna River have been enjoying the relatively clear and low water conditions and have been catching large numbers of channel catfish and finding good fishing for walleyes and smallmouth bass at the mouths of feeder creeks that are bringing cooler water to the river.Walleyes Jim Summers sent in a short report that he caught over 50 channel catfish, a few white perch and 3 nice walleyes in about 3-hours of fishing last weekend. He sent along this picture of his two largest walleyes.

Fishermen looking for largemouth bass are finding them in a wide spread area including the large reservoirs of Baltimore County, the tidal rivers of both regions and the smaller farm ponds and lakes that dot the two regions. The largemouth bass are still holding to a typical summer pattern of feeding behavior and fishermen are getting out early in the morning at day break or fishing late in the evening for best results. At these times the bass areLargemouth Bass usually prowling the shallower areas outside of grass beds, etc and will go after topwater lures. During the day the fish are retreating to the dark depths looking for cool shade. This is the time for slow presentations of crankbaits, spinnerbaits and soft plastics. It will not be too much longer and freshwater fishermen will start to see water temperatures start to drop and fishing for largemouth bass will get a whole lot better. Young Chase Erat was fishing at his grandfather’s farm pond in Barnesville when he caught and released this nice largemouth bass last weekend.

Fishermen have also been enjoying fishing for channel catfish and carp in many of the regions tidal rivers and creeks. Panfish such as bluegills and crappie can also be found in many of the regions tidal rivers as well as the lakes and reservoirs that dot both regions. Trout fishermen are enjoying their summer season of fly fishing in a few selected trout waters that are running cool enough such as the Gunpowder.

Eastern Region:

Largemouth bass fishermen are still working the summer pattern of bass behavior as water temperatures have probably hit their all time summer high at this point in time. Soon we will start to see water temperatures begin to drop as cooler nights and days begin to have an effect. Most fishermen are working the shallows during the early morning and late evening hours with buzzbaits, spinnerbaits and topwater lures such as soft frogs. The best time to fish during these times is when you can coordinate with a low ebb tide. Fishing on the outside edges of spatterdock fields can be very rewarding during these low water conditions. During the day deep shade is in order if you’re looking for largemouth bass because that’s where they’ll be lurking looking for cool shade. Small crankbaits, spinnerbaits and soft plastics such as grubs and whacky rigged worms often do well.

Most fishermen are fishing the very upper reaches of the regions tidal rivers where the waters are the coolest from tree shade. The upper Choptank above Denton and the Pocomoke above Shad Landing have been popular areas to fish lately.

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