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MAY 28, 2003


Above Conowingo Dam: Boat anglers have been catching crappies fishing minnows below bobbers at Funks Pond and Hopkins Cove.

Casselman River: As of May 27, 2003 the Long Term Median Flow (LTMF) in Grantsville, Maryland was 69 cfs with a flow of 122 cfs and staging at 1.51 feet. Caddis and blue winged olives have been hatching.

Click for the latest real time stream flows on the Casselman.

Centennial Park (Howard County): The Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks is hosting a Spring Fishing Tournament at Centennial Park in Columbia, MD on June 7th. For more information read the following PDF file,

Photo of young anglers holding yellow perch.Deep Creek Lake (Garrett County): The water temperature remained below 60 degrees last week. Bass action is expected to be great once the water temperature warms up a little. Yellow perch and walleye have been biting nightcrawlers and minnows. Pictured are two young anglers holding yellow perch that they recently caught. Bass and chain pickerel have been hitting jerkbaits, tubes, and minnows.

Information on whitewater boating releases is available on the Deep Creek Hydro Hotline at (814) 533-8911 or online at URL:

Gunpowder River: The water level is high and muddy. A local fly fishing expert suggested fishing above Falls Rd with streamers until the water clears up and the flow rate drops. Sulphurs (#16), caddis (#16-20), and San Juan worms (#14) are options when conditions improve.

Click for the latest real time stream flow for Gunpowder Falls near Parkton.

Click for the latest real time stream flow for Gunpowder Falls At Glencoe.

Liberty Reservoir (Baltimore County): Nightcrawlers or minnows on shad darts have been catching white perch in the coves. Crappies have been hitting shad darts tipped with fathead minnows fished below bobbers early and late in the day at many coves and a few from Nicodemus Bridge. Black or brown pig and jigs, purple or black Rebel worms, and live nightcrawlers have been productive bass baits for catch and release anglers. Medium shiners Photo of angler holding a chain pickerel.have been catching walleyes off points. A few striped bass have been caught using large shiners or chicken livers fishing deep in the channel on the Baltimore County side of Nicodemus Bridge. Fishing early or late in the day has been the ticket.

Loch Raven Reservoir (Baltimore County): Fishing has been holding steady according to Kevin McComas at Loch Raven Fishing Center. Bass have been holding close to shore; spinnerbaits and jigs are good options. Bluegills, crappies, and white perch have been caught in the coves. Jigging shad darts tipped with waxworms has been a good technique for catching bluegills. White perch and crappies hit minnow/bobber combos. Trolling for white perch has started to improve. Stu Cohen provided the following report and the photo on the right. It was caught around 3 pm on a weighted plastic minnow. Hiding around a shallow weed bed, it just exploded when my lure passed by. At first, I thought it was a pike, but was still pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be an exceptionally large chain instead. Ironically, I didn't catch a single bass the entire day - which was my target.

The Maryland Geological Survey has a bathymetry map on their website.

Click for the latest real time stream flows on the North Branch of the Potomac at Barnum.

Potomac River Water Level Guage. Click for a larger view.
Potomac River Creel Information. Click for a larger view.

Nontidal Potomac River: On May 27, 2003 the Williamsport Water Treatment Plant reported that the River was 5 Photo of a tiger muskie.feet and holding, cloudy, and 62 degrees Fahrenheit. Crappies have been biting at Dam 5. Jerry Rogers fished Dam 5 on May 24th and provided the following report (all fish were released): The water temp was 59, the water was green, not clear, not cloudy. I (Jerry Rogers) got a 34" tiger musky right off the bat [pictured left]. We caught over 10 walleye's, anywhere from 16" to 22". I caught a BIG smallmouth, 4 lb, 12 oz, and about 20 more anywhere from 1 to 2 lbs. Then we started catching catfish! We got about 10 nice size cats. My brother-in-law (Timmy Mong) has just started fishing; I think he's hooked! The funny thing about this fishing trip, is, all these fish were caught on the same bait, a 4" tube!

North Branch of the Potomac River: The Barnum gauging station indicated that the LTMF was 318 cfs with a flow of 336 cfs and staging at 3.31 feet as of May 27, 2003.

Photo of angler holding a largemouth bass.Piney Run Park (Carroll County, PRP): Gene Walker sent in the following report and the photo on the left: On 5/22/03 a friend and I went to Piney Run for a couple of hours. We were using Terminator Spinnerbaits. It was an overcast day and very calm. We focused on areas of the lake where the water had color and avoided the clear areas. We caught 9 bass that were all about this size. Sadly I lost one at the boat that would have went over 5 lbs. Jim Gronaw from Piney Run Park provided the information for the following fishing report. Catfishing with cut bait and chicken liver has been productive. Adam Crouse of Hampstead, MD caught a 28 inch catfish that weighed 11.70 pounds using liver. Adam and his fishing partner, Michael Blanchette of Union Bridge, MD caught over 30 other catfish that day with an average weight between 5-7 pounds. Garrett Reese of Manchester, MD caught a trophy bullhead catfish that he later released. It measured 16.5 inches and weighed 2.31 pounds and was caught using liver. Large bluegills continued to be caught off the docks and other woody structure such as beaver lodges located in coves. Redworms or wax worms have been the best baits but worms and minnows are also options. Large shiners have been a great option for catching striped bass. Plastic lizards or Senko worms have been catching bass (catch and release). The Governors Youth Fishing Derby will be held Saturday, June 7th from 6:00 a.m. - noon. Call the Park at 410-795-5165 to register or for more information.

Prettyboy Reservoir (Baltimore County): Water temperature remained on the cool side and fishing has been slow. Crankbaits, soft plastic worms, pig and jigs, and Jointed Rebels are good options for targeting bass stacked off points. Anglers have also picked up a few rock bass and crappie. Surface water temperature was 65F last week.

The Maryland Geological Survey has a bathymetry map on their website.

Savage River: As of May 27, 2003 the LTMF below Bloomington was 96 cfs with a flow of 252 cfs and staging at 1.78 feet. Some sulphurs have been hatching in the tailwater.

Click for the latest real time stream flows on the Savage River near Bloomington, MD.

Photo of angler holding a largemouth bass.Triadelphia Reservoir and Rocky Gorge Reservoir: The picnic area is currently closed but the rest of the reservoir is open, including the boat ramp. Chip Py of Silver Spring, MD caught this largemouth bass while fishing Triadelphia Reservoir this past Sunday.

Youghiogheny River: As of May 27, 2003 the LTMF near Oakland was 153 cfs with a flow of 168 cfs and staging at 2.58 feet.

Click for the latest real time stream flows on the Youghiogheny near Oakland, MD.