5.18.2011   |   Seafood Marketing Advisory Commission Meeting

Seafood Marketing Advisory Commission Meeting - 6:30 PM


the Cambridge Yacht Club, 1 Mill Street, Cambridge, MD

The meeting will begin at 6:30 PM. A "Dutch treat" dinner will be ordered from the menu. Please RSVP to Anna Goins at 410-841-5820 in order to get an accurate count.


  1. Introductions of Commission members and guests
  2. Update on Federal Blue Crab Fishery Disaster Relief Funding for Crab Marketing - Noreen Eberly
  3. Update on activities since February- Noreen Eberly, Steve Vilnit
  4. Fiscal year 2012 Marketing plans- Noreen Eberly
  5. H2B, Quality Assurance Program and Crab Project Updates- Bill Sieling
  6. Relocation to DNR
  7. New business