February 2000

Tournament Manager: Angel Bolinger

Example of a Catch & Release patch.

Number Crunch

Since 1994, the Maryland Sport Fishing Tournament has had a steady increase in angler participation; 1999 was no different. In 1999, 6,455 entries were received for the tournament; an increase of 1,228 entries from 1998. Of those 6,455 entries, 4,163 citations were issued and 2,292 received patches in addition to a citation. Once again, striped bass was the most popular species in the Chesapeake Bay division with 2,818 entries. That is an amazing increase of 1,114 entries from 1998! In the freshwater division, largemouth bass remains the most popular species receiving 149 entries, which is 13 less than in 1998. Flounder was the top species in the Atlantic division in 1999 with 150 entries, which is an increase of 20 entries from 1998.

Catch & Release

The Department of Natural Resources sponsored its 9th annual Catch and Release program. This program is designed to award fishermen for releasing "keepers" for future generations. In addition, it promotes conservation and good fishing ethics. In 1999, 309 entries qualified to receive the special catch and release citation and patch. White marlin (all billfish and sharks must be released) was the most popular species entered into the program with largemouth bass coming in second. Congratulations to Blue Marlin Tackle for sending in the most Catch and Release entries!

Citation Center Data

Once again Breezy Point Fishing Center, Chesapeake Beach, MD, topped the ranks with 788 entries surpassing Bunky's Charter Boats in Solomons, MD, by only 6 entries! Johnny's Bait House on Deep Creek Lake, continues to be the dominant citation center for the freshwater division sending in 345 entries. Oceanside, Buck's Place sent in 174 entries. On behalf of the Department of Natural Resources Fisheries, I would like to thank all the citation centers for your hard work and cooperation in 1999. I look forward to working with each center in 2000.

All Maryland Angler

Nine people qualified as an All Maryland Angler in 1999.
They include:

These anglers entered at least 5 different patch sized species into the tournament. Congratulations!

All Maryland Angler Trivia

Angler Highlight

Ray Crouse, II not only qualified as a 1999 All Maryland Angler with 10 different patch size species, but he also will receive 9 of the freshwater division species plaques! In addition, Mr. Crouse had 8 entries in the Catch and Release program. Mr. Crouse was also a 1998 All Maryland Angler. Congratulations Mr. Crouse!

Tournament Changes for 2000

This program will recognize an angler of any age that catches a fish in fresh or tidal waters of the State of Maryland, for the first time in their life. A special certificate will be awarded. All catches must comply with Department regulations or must be immediately released.

Biggest Fish of Each Species per Division

Sixty-four people will receive a species-specific plaque in recognition of catching the biggest fish of that particular species in the tournament. The following is a list of the winner(s) separated by division.




LENGTH (in.)

Albacore John V. Weidler 51.5
Black Drum Endre Pasztor 46
Bluefish Scott M. Grasser 42
Croaker Michael Smyth 19.5
Dolphin John "Jake" McCuen 52
False Albacore Scott Peters 28
Flounder Darwin D. Young 28.75
Northern Whiting Terry Townsend 15.25
Red Drum Carroll Hastings 48
Seabass Toby Seiders 22.25
Sheepshead Rob Baldwin 26
Spanish Mackerel Brent Garland and David D'Aurora 24
Spot Edward Kirk 11.5
Spotted Seatrout Kevin Brack 31
Striped Bass Chris Vasquez 49
Tautog Joseph F. Schaffer 27.875
Bigeye Tuna Robert Todd Cannady and Chet Phillips 54
Bluefin Tuna Robert S. Poole 65
Yellowfin Tuna Lucius Lamar 52
Wahoo George Antellas, Jr. 74.5
Weakfish Ben Esham




LENGTH (in.)

Black Drum Jacob Adam Henderson 56
Bluefish Patrick Hogan 38.5
Carp Hillard H. Head 43
Channel Catfish Robert Gannon 34
Chain Pickerel Eric Freeman 24.5
Cobia Will Smith 54
Crappie Dan Downer, Sr. 14.5
Croaker Francine I. Coleman 22
Flounder Richard A. Scott 28
Largemouth Bass Dave Ziegler 24.5
Red Drum Merritt Robbins 50.25
Sheepshead Tom Horan 24
Smallmouth Bass Nicholas Lynch 23
Spanish Mackerel Peg Gerding 34
Spot Linda L. Causey 14
Spotted Seatrout Dennis McClelland, Jr. 31
Striped Bass Donald Berezoski 53
Weakfish Mike Hester 31
White Perch Andrew Kelley 15.5
Yellow Perch Robert Mason and Robert T. Mason, III andClayton C. Sherrill, III




LENGTH (in.)

Bluegill Larry W. Shifflett 13.5
Brook Trout Mike Fiorita, Jr. 22.5
Brown Trout Scott McFarland 29
Carp Ray Crouse, II 44
Channel Catfish Ray Crouse, II 38.375
Chain Pickerel Tracy Riley 27
Crappie Ray Crouse, II 19
Largemouth Bass Ray Crouse, II 27.75
Muskellunge Keith Imes 45.5
Northern Pike Shawn Jacobson 46
Rainbow Trout Ray Crouse, II 28.5
Redear Sunfish Ray Crouse, II 11.25
Rock Bass Ray Crouse,II 12.5
Striped Bass Dean Barrett 45.5
Smallmouth Bass Ray Crouse, II 23.75
Walleye Matthew Hill 32.25
White Perch Bryan L. Rees 13.25
Yellow Perch Ray Crouse, II 15.75

New State Records

Eight state records were broken in 1999!

Fiorita with the State record brook trout.  Click for a larger view.

Mike Fiorita, Jr. from Falling Waters, WV,
was fishing the North Branch of the Potomac River
below Randolph Dam on April 10,1999.
Fiorita reeled in a 6 lb, 1.75 oz, 22.5 inch
brook trout using corn for bait.

Godfrey holding State record white perch.  Click for a larger view.

Mary Godfrey of Ownings Mills, MD,
was fishing Liberty Reservoir on May 1, 1999
when she established the freshwater state
record for white perch.
The1 lb., 12 inch perch was lured in with a worm.

Barrick holding the freshwater State record striped bass.  Click for a larger view.

Dean Barrick, of Westminster, MD,
was trolling crankbaits in Liberty Reservoir
on May 23, 1999 when he hooked this
44 lb., 8 oz striper measuring 45.5 inches.

Simmons with the State record thresher shark. Click for a larger view.

Donnie Simon of Annapolis, MD established
the thresher shark state record for the Atlantic division.
Simmons landed the 585 lb. thresher on June 4, 1999
while fishing the 20th Annual Ocean City Shark Tournament.
The shark was 15 feet, 11 inches and was caught using
a whole false albacore. Photo courtesy of Dale Timmons.

Wilson with the State record blue catfish.  Click for a larger view.

Donald Wilson of Fort Washington, MD, was fishing at
Fort Washington off the Potomac River on August 8, 1999
when he caught this 39 lb., 4 oz, 41.625 inch blue catfish.
Wilson was using herring for bait.

Horan with the State record sheepshead.  Click for a larger view.

Tom Horan of Clarksville, MD was bottom
fishing the Chesapeake Bay Middle Grounds on
September 25, 1999 when he landed this
6 lb., 5.92 oz, 24 inch sheepshead. The
sheepshead was caught using squid for bait.

Haller with the State record Spanish mackerel.  Click for a larger view.

Joseph E. Haller, of Lusby, MD, broke the
Spanish mackerel state record on October 10,1999.
Haller was trolling a parachute rig off Kenwood
Beach when he reeled in the 9 lb., 6.4 oz, 32 inch mackerel.

Shawn Jacobson with State record northern Pike.  Click for a larger view.

Shawn Jacobson, of Phoenix, MD, was bottom fishing
Deep Creek Lake when he caught this 24 lb., 12 oz, 46.5 inch
northern pike. Jacobson was fishing a live shiner in 6 feet of water.