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DNR Online Tree Nursery Open For Business

40 species, 4 million seedlings, available this year

Annapolis, Md. (October 15, 2009) - The John S. Ayton State Forest Tree Nursery is, once again, open for business online in time for the fall planting. DNR began online seedling sales in 2006, and the business has continued to grow, selling tens of thousands of seedlings last year.

“Strong growing conditions with abundant rainfall early in the season enables DNR to offer 40 species this year, totaling 4 million seedlings,” said Nursery Manager Richard Garrett.

The Nursery will continue to sell Hardwood seedlings will continue to be available in units of 25, however, lots of 100 or more per species must continue to be ordered in units of 100. Conifers can be ordered in any multiple of 50. Wye Oak descendants are also available this year.

DNR reminds customers that there are regulations in who may purchase trees and for what purpose. Seedlings purchased from the State Nursery cannot be used for landscaping or ornamental purposes. The Forest Service, however, fully recognizes the benefits that trees provide in terms of beautification, privacy screening and enhancing architectural design. We encourage homeowners and businesses to patronize their local private nursery, garden center or landscape contractor. These professionals can assist you in choosing proper trees, shrubs, flowers and maintenance supplies to meet your landscaping needs.

Trees obtained from the John S. Ayton State Forest Tree Nursery are available for conservation purposes defined as: Watershed Protection, Wildlife Habitat, Christmas Trees, Forest Products, Soil Protection, Buffer Planting and Windbreak Protection.

Landowners who purchases seedlings from the John S. Ayton Nursery agree to the following:
• That all seedlings and shrubs so purchased shall be planted in the State of Maryland or Delaware for conservation purposes.
• That a planting report be furnished when requested by the Department of Natural Resources.
• That the planting be protected as far as possible from fire, grazing and trespass.
• That trees may not be offered for sale with roots attached for removal from the land as live or ornamental trees.

Use of the online catalog eliminates postage charges and provides efficient order confirmations, planting instructions, shipping notices and receipts. To contact a nursery directly, call 1-800-873-3763.
Visit the Nursery online at

DNR also encourages private citizens who would also like to plant trees to buy trees can save $25 through the Marylanders Plant Trees Program. Coupons are redeemable at 70 participating nurseries across the state. For more information visit the

   October 15, 2009

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