Children in Nature - Natural Play Spaces

Elements of a Natural Play Space

Maps and Paths - Encourage Children to Go Exploring

  • Pathways to Explore
  • A Variety of Terrain (hills, bumps)
  • Simple Maps

A path that leads to a special seating area.

Mulched paths lead to different focus areas.

Play and Learn Annapolis
Anne Arundel County

Path through a planted habitat.

Calverton School
Calvert County

A challenging path leads up some stairs.

Locust Grove
Montgomery County

Pathways can be simple boards.

Calverton School
Calvert County

An inviting crossing over a natural feature.

Calverton School
Calvert County

Tree cookie pathway at Montessori School of Northern Virginia

Tree cookies can be used to create pathways.

Montessori School of Northern Virginia.
Photo compliments of Early Space, LLC