Children in Nature - Natural Play Spaces

Elements of a Natural Play Space

Fantasy and Imagination

A Natural Play Space provides a place where children are free to fantasize and imagine through active and creative play.

"Young children live in their imaginations. Stories, plays, puppet shows, and dreams are preferred media for early childhood."

- Sobel, David; Childhood and Nature: Design Principles (or Play Motifs) For Educators, Stenhouse Publishing; Portland, ME; 2008

Carvings from downed trees.

Locust Grove
Montgomery County

Turtle shaped stump play area .

Paw Paw Playground
Adkins Arboretum
Caroline County

Simply providing access to green space and plants can spark imagination.


Photo compliments of Krisna Becker.

Fairy and gnome houses made from natural materials.

Calverton School
Calvert County

Creative art adds a whimsical factor.

Locust Grove
Montgomery County