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Artist Lawrence 
Romorini with his 3-Dimensional Artwork celebrating Maryland's Wye Oak, The Life Of A Tree

detail from left hand  side of artwork On June 6, 2006 at the planting of the Wye Oak Clone and Wye Oak Artist Exhibition in Wye Oak State Park, artist Lawrence Romorini unveiled his latest piece of art, “The Life Of A Tree,” commemorating the extraordinary and beloved Wye Oak, which was felled by lightening in 2002, after approximately 450 years on the Eastern Shore in Maryland.

The art, which is 72” x 38” x 9.5” features an actual branch from the Wye Oak, mounted on a scroll with an artistic rendition of the tree and its radius. These 450 concentric rings offer an appreciation for both the remarkable size and longevity of this mighty oak.

Starting with the acorn on the upper left, miniaturized photographs, memorabilia and three-dimensional symbols serve as some reminders of the long history that transpired for the nation and Maryland during the 450+ years that the Wye Oak lived on the Eastern Shore.


Some of the three-dimensional items include:

  • A miniaturized volume of Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories and Plays from 1627

  • A miniature hour glass

  • Pewter crab

  • A replica of an Elizabethan coin, 1561 (from National Archives in London)

  • A miniaturized cover page of the Charter of Maryland 1635

  • A miniaturized copy of the Declaration of Independence

  • A miniaturized rendering of the early Annapolis State Capital

  • A 3-dimensional replica of the U.S. Capitol Building

  • A 3-dimensional replica of the Liberty Bell

  • B&O Railroad pin

  • A miniature photograph of Frederick Douglas

  • Vignette on the Star Spangled Banner

  • Pin of the U.S. Naval Academy, founded 1845

  • University of Maryland medallion, founded 1856

  • A miniature rally poster for “Honest Abe and Victory” 1860detail from right hand side of artwork

  • A miniature gramophone

  • 3-D pin of Wright Brothers plane

  • 3-dimensional miniature of Empire State Building

  • Vintage 1960’s miniature TV set with image of The Beatles and Ed Sullivan

  • Miniature space shuttle

  • Genome sequencing

  • 9/11 memorial pin

  • Actual bronzed leaf from The Wye Oak

  • and much more

This artistic chronology ends at the bottom right with an acorn, symbolizing “The Life of A Tree” that carries on into the future.

“The Wye Oak story is truly One of  a Kind - a story of endurance, growth and rebirth. I found extraordinary beauty, texture and authenticity in the actual branch and an exciting challenge in celebrating its greatness,” says Romorini. “I want people to appreciate both the grandeur of the tree and the amount of history that has transpired since the Wye Oak was a small acorn.”

Note: Lawrence Romorini transforms miniaturized photographs, publications and actual 3-dimensional memorabilia into fascinating works of art with unique design concepts for corporate anniversary and executive retirement tributes. These creative portraits become the highlight of a special event. Then on display in a lobby, boardroom or home, the art becomes an enduring legacy. Romorini’s commissions include art for Oprah Winfrey, Merrill Lynch, Southwest Airlines, Michael Jordan, Wilmington Trust, American Institute of Architects.  Romorini is founder of One Of A Kind Art Studio. So far, he has created over 700 pieces of art.

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