Coastal & Watershed Resources Advisory Committee (CWRAC)

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In accordance with the Regulatory Review and Evaluation Act, State Government Article, §§10-130—10-139, Annotated Code of Maryland, the Department of Natural Resources is currently reviewing and evaluating the following chapters of COMAR: SUBTITLE 01 OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY 08.01.01 Advisory Committees specifically the Coastal & Watershed Resources Advisory Committee (CWRAC).
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Coastal & Watershed Resources Advisory Committee (CWRAC)


CWRAC, established in 1976, is an advisory committee comprised of representatives of local government, concerned local citizens, special interest groups, state and federal agencies and academic institutions. Located administratively under the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, CWRAC acts as an independent advisory body to the Secretary of Natural Resources and to Maryland's Coastal Program on policy issues affecting the coastal areas of Maryland. Funding is provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration under the Coastal Zone Management grant.

Each CWRAC member represents one clearly defined constituency and acts on their behalf in the activities of the Committee. Members come to CWRAC with a clear understanding of the opinions and priorities of their constituency as they relate to the policies and issues before the Committee. Information received and actions taken by the Committee are reported back to member agencies or organizationsby CWRAC members.

For more information on CWRAC, contact Christopher Aadland at or call 410 260-8736 .

To find the meeting dates, times and location for the Advisory Committee, please use the DNR Online Calendar and use keyword search on "CWRAC" or "Coastal and Watershed Resources Advisory Committee."

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