Aquatic Resources Education Grant Application Instructions

Please fill out your application completely, leaving nothing blank.

  • Project Start Date is when you need to begin purchasing items. No Items for the grant may be purchased before the Project Start Date.
  • Project End Date is ALWAYS by May 31st, or earlier, if applicable.
  • If you do not know your Federal Identification Number (FID), please ask your school office. It is either for the whole county (starting with 52-) or it could be specific to your school (e.g., private schools). If it is the county FID, the payments will be wired to the Central Office; it will not go to your school. It is up to you to contact your Central Office to alert them of incoming payment and amount. Payment is usually within 5 weeks of receipt of your invoice to the Department of Natural Resources.
  • Your Budget Breakdown should be itemized, specific, and complete. Call with any questions.
  • Fill out your application, print, have Principal sign, and mail to Cindy Etgen.
  • If you are a new school to the Department of Natural Resources, you must send in an W-9 form with your application so that we may enter you into our system. This form will also have your Federal Identification Number on it (FID), which is the number we use for all payments.

Procedures and Instructions

Cindy Etgen
Aquatic Resources Education Section Chief
Chesapeake and Coastal Service
MD Department of Natural Resources
580 Taylor Ave., E-2
Annapolis, MD 21401

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