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MWDI Shines a Spotlight on Bryon Bodt and Anita C. Leight Center naturalists & volunteers

Director's Message

Spotlight on MWDI's
2015 Lumber Cutting Day Volunteers

July 2015 Director’s Message

2015 Preliminary Production Estimates Comparable to 2014 Record Levels

Nest inspections have been reported at about 33% of MWDI’s sites and the early results look promising. Some of the larger sites – Jug Bay, Chesapeake Farms and the south end of Chicamicomico – appear to be stable or up modestly, while the new sites seem to be making a modest contribution involving some 30-40 boxes (I’m not sure if they all got up in time to benefit from this nest season).

Production in 2014 was right at 8,000 and 7,900 in 2013. Wet spring weather (11” in June!) has certainly bolstered habitat and brood survival seems to be strong as heavy and frequent rains have maintained many wetlands. Flooding has not hindered output noticeably like the past year in some areas.

MWDI is waiting to learn if the Chesapeake Chapter of the Safari Club International will be funding lumber this year (4 years running!) The 2015 lumber order and cut day in January provided kits for this year’s youth events and over 100 boxes and kits for private programs.

Tawes School is again expected to have 20 boxes for sale this fall and a notice on both of these items will be circulated in late September.

MWDI has supplies for new projects if you wish to initiate one. All we ask for is decent public site habitat and a willingness to monitor the project after you install it.

MD DNR has again ordered predator guards to support our public sites program and we are grateful for their ongoing and relentless support over the past 11 years!

For those responsible for existing sites who have not yet finalized their inspections…please do so !! Thank you for your consideration. And thank you to the volunteers who made these results possible!

More than 40,000 ducklings have been incrementally hatched over base year production estimates and the figure is growing by some 7,000 ducklings annually from the public sites alone.

Participating private programs have continued to grow and while production statistics are not as well collected and reported, MWDI believes that an additional 3-5,000 ducklings have also resulted for these programs since MWDI’s involvement and inception in 2005.

Some new project managers volunteered and have been trained this past year. If you would like to handle a 5-20 box nesting site, please contact us.


Cliff Brown
Executive Director
Maryland Wood Duck Initiative

The Maryland Wood Duck Initiative is an all-volunteer wildlife conservation effort started in late 2004. Our objectives are to enhance Maryland’s wood duck population and to generate a greater appreciation of the wetland habitats in which they live by advocating and demonstrating the merits of a “best practices” approach in managed nest programs.

Leveraging these focused efforts on the wood duck, we seek to provide a Total Wetlands Experience for our volunteers and the “next generation” through the development of complementary educational programs, internships and research projects.
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