Literature Searches Compiled for DNR Staff

The following bibliographies were compiled by the DNR librarian at the request of DNR employees.

Environmental Review

Effects of Sand and Gravel Mining
Includes resources for understanding the effects of sand and gravel mining on wetland plants, perennial seeps, and subsurface hydrology.

Riparian Buffer Functions and Benefits
Includes resources for understanding the functions and benefits of riparian buffers, especially those functions and benefits seen in different widths.

Urban Stormwater BMPs and Stream Quality
Includes resources for understanding how urban stormwater best management practices (BMPs) and low impact design (LID) effect stream quality.

Effects of Development and Impervious Surfaces on Watersheds
Includes resources for understanding how urban development and imperious surface cover affect watersheds.


Ecological Impacts/Benefits of Dredging for Shellfish
Includes resources which discuss the ecological impacts or benefits of dredging for shellfish.

Fisheries Management
Includes resources which discuss commercial fisheries management, catch shares, and individual transferable quotas (ITQs)


Blackbanded Sunfish
Includes resources which discuss blackbanded sunfish (Enneacanthus chaetodon).


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